Focus Group Testing


I focused my questions on more of the user experience with some of the questions touching on the design aspects. My questions were open-ended and were types of questions that seemed to fit my needs.

  • What do you feel the strengths and weaknesses of this project are?
  • Who do you think this product would appeal to?
  • Do you feel as though anything is missing?
  • If you could change one thing about our product, what would it be?


I showed my work to a few. different people. The first is a co-worker of mine (age 27) and is in the target audience. She loves plants and fun subscriptions. The next person is a friend (age 24) who is a plant novice but is interested in them. The third person is a family member (age 44) who is a huge gardener/plant lover who is highly advanced in this area.


Most of my feedback was very positive and encouraging. I have interviewed some of these people in the past and they are not afraid to give their honest thoughts, but surprisingly, they didn’t see much that wasn’t working. One thing that was pointed out to me was adding a page to the website with a catalogue of plants that any customer could receive, that way the buyer can get excited about their potential plant. Another idea that was given is the website telling you the plants that best suit you, but also adding an option for receiving plants that will give you more of a challenge.

Broad Insights

Something that I learned in this process is to enjoy it all as sometimes you’re going to get really positive feedback such as in this case, but sometimes you aren’t, and that’s ok. It is all a part of the process. This process has really taught me to work hard and be proud of my work, but also be open to critiques, new ideas, and suggestions. Some of the suggestions I got will really add to my product!


From this experience and the suggestions that I received, some things I will be addressing are adding a plant catalog page to the website and adding an option for receiving plants that will challenge you.



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Jaden Buist

Jaden Buist

I am a Digital Media Student at Maryville University Online. I am passionate about Graphic Design, Photography, and creating.